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Rabb Da Radio 2017 Full Movie Watch Online Free Download

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Released Date: 31st March 2017

Film Star’s:
Simi Chahal in as Guddi Kaur.
Gurmeet Sajjan in as Naseeb’s Father-in-Law
Tarsem Jassar in as Manjinder Singh
Anita Devgan in as Naseeb’s Mother-in-Law
Mandy Takhar in as Naseeb Kaur.
Nirmal Rishi in as Bebe

Music By:
R Guru.
Deep Jandu.
Nick Dhammu.

Country: India.

Genre: Drama

Rating/IMDB: 8.3/10

Harry Bhatti.
Tarnvir Singh Jagpal.

Written by
Jass Grewal.

Rajiv Manahalli.

Distributed by:
Viacom 18 Motion Pictures.

Vehli Janta Team.
Manpreet Johal.

Screenplay By: N/A

Cinematography: Najeeb Khan.

Language: Punjabi.

Filming Locations:

Production Company:
Vehli Janta Records.
White Hill Productions.

Description: Rabb Da Radio 2017 is a latest Punjabi Bollywood Drama movie. Directed by Harry Bhatti. Produced By Manpreet Johal. This movie has one co producers and one main producer. This movie has 1 song. Song: Sardara. Simi Chahal in as Guddi Kaur, Mandy Takhar in as Naseeb Kaur, Tarsem Jassar as Manjinder Singh, Anita Devgan as Naseeb’s Mother-in-Law and Gurmeet Sajjan as Naseeb’s Father-in-Law are also playing lead characters in the movie. The main story of this movie is about two brothers and their families. As they are real brothers but the wife of elder brother don’t like younger one and his wife as well. For this reason they build a wall between the house. But you can do nothing in front of true love. Elder one has two Sons and the younger one has three daughters. Children use to love each other, but they fear their parents. At the end both of the families rejoin and break that wall of separation and start living a happy life. Release date of the movie is 31st of March 2017. This movie has Received 114 reviews on IMDB and got 8.3 rating over there. Got 114 reviews on IMDB. You may also like Arjan 2017 Full Movie Watch Online Free Download

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