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Blind 2017 Full Movie Watch Online Free Download

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Released Date: 14th July 2017

Film Star’s:
Alec Baldwin.
Demi Moore.
Renee Willett.
Drew Moerlein.
Dorothy Lyman.
Sasha Lazard.
Jabari Gray.
Ski Carr.
Frank Modica.
Viva Bianca.
John Buffalo Mailer.
Karen Goeller.
James McCaffrey.
Dylan McDermott.
Eden Epstein.

Music By:
Dave Eggar.
Sasha Lazard.

Country: United States.

Genre: Romance | Drama

Rating/IMDB: 3.6/10

John Buffalo Mailer.
Diane Fisher (Story).

Director: Michael Mailer.

Editor: Jim Mol.

Story By: Paul Wernick.

Production Company: Laura Miller.

Language: English.

Cinematography: Michal Dabal.

Screenplay: Allan Heinberg.

Distributor: Warner Bros.

Alec Baldwin.
Jonathan Gray.
Khuloud Kelly Rabadi.
Diane Fisher.
Jennifer Gelfer.
Lisa Friedman.
Alan Helene.
Alessandro Penazzi.
Tamara Birkemoe.
Mallory Schwartz.
Scott Kluge.
Mark Damon.
David Moscow.
Mallory Schwartz.
Pamela Thur.
Michael Mailer.
Noel Thomas Patton.
Martin Tuchman.

Description: Blind 2017 is a latest Hollywood movie of Genre Romance and Drama Produced by Alec Baldwin, Jonathan Gray, Khuloud Kelly Rabadi, Diane Fisher, Jennifer Gelfer, Lisa Friedman, Alessandro Penazzi, Scott Kluge, Mark Damon, David Moscow, Mallory Schwartz, Pamela Thur, and Noel Thomas Patton. Directed By Michael Mailer. This movie has Eighteen co producers and one main producer. There are 10 Sound Tracks in this movie. Sound Tracks Bird in a Cage, Pourquoi, Mozart Quartet, The Sexiest Mistake, Through Your Eyes, Mozart Quartet, Without You, Just A Little Love, A Little Kiss and Lumiere Remix. Drew Moerlein, John Buffalo Mailer, Frank Modica, Ski Carr, Eden Epstein, Jabari Gray, Sasha Lazard and Karen Goeller are also playing lead roles in the movie. This movie has the main story who follows life events of a Novelist who got blinded in a accident of his car. In this movie he learn how to get back to life after accidents he then reveals his passion towards writing and living. This movie has his first release on 14th of July 2017 in Los Angeles. You may also like CHIPS 2017 watch full movie online Free Download

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